All You Need to Know About P6 Extreme Black

All You Need to Know About P6 Extreme Black

Are you looking for a way to stay healthier, improve your sex life or promote rapid muscle growth? P6 Extreme Black is one of the most effective and legal testosterone boosters for men, currently in the market. In 2004, the company that produces P6 Extreme Black pulled out P6 Blackout of the market because of one of its ingredients Androstenediol, which was classified as an anabolic steroid. Its replacement is the P6 Extreme Black. Read the full P6 Extreme Black review.

Benefits of P6 Extreme Black

  1.    Promotes healthy muscle growth. If your goal is to build muscles or general physical fitness, the supplement will help you achieve lean muscles mass.
  2.    The supplement enables you to focus on and manage conditions such as ADD and ADHD.
  3.    Helps your body naturally improve the production of testosterone.
  4.    Although workouts are easier and more effective, this supplement enables you to improve overall body strength by enhancing your vitality and thus your sex life.
  5.    The supplement helps to balance your hormones by blocking the production of excess estrogen and DHT hormones.


A company called Cellucor manufactures P6 Extreme Black. The company has its headquarters in Bryan, Texan in the US. It is a sports nutrition brand from Nutrabolt a nutrition science company. Cellucor main product is the Chrome series. The company entered the market in 2002.

P6 Extreme Ingredients

The ingredient list contains a lot of big words, but we have simplified things for you. The supplement contains Vitamin D3 which is vital for bodily function. This vitamin is linked to natural testosterone and sperm production. Vitamin D3 also helps your body absorb calcium which is essential for healthy bone development and strength.

Vitamin B6, an ingredient in P6 Extreme Ingredients, helps convert food into body fuel and increase the production of testosterone. According to research, when combined with other b-vitamins, vitamin B6 increases your libido by regulating the production of prolactin.

P6 Extreme Black also has magnesium which is known to increase both free and total testosterone levels in men. It aids in protein synthesis and increases strength. Zinc, another ingredient in this supplement, is a widely attributed ingredient in testosterone production. Zinc naturally raises the levels of luteinizing hormone which plays a vital role in testosterone production. Zinc also promotes sexual health and plays a critical role in cellular repair.

Possible side effects of P6 Extreme Black

The P6 Extreme Black is an all-natural supplement. It rarely has bothersome side effects unlike its predecessor the P6 Extreme. However, you should expect some effects if you have any medical problems or if you are on regular medication. It is advisable to seek your doctor’s consent before using the supplement if you are not in ideal health.

Conclusion: The P6 Extreme Black has a lot of improvements over the P6 Extreme. It offers a wide range of benefits and has few side effects. It is one of the most effective testosterone boosters in the market. The additional Nootropics ideal for the mental aspect of body-building is a unique and valuable addition. This supplement has been nicknamed ‘The Big Three” because it supports testosterone production, reduced DHT, and reduced the formation of estrogen.


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