5 Muscle Building Meals While on Keto

5 Muscle Building Meals While on Keto

A common myth among bodybuilders is that carbohydrates are critical for building the best physiques.  This is the primary reason why most bodybuilders out there haven’t embraced the ketogenic diet. However, the truth is that the key to building muscles and staying fit is eating the right amount of nutrients at the right times.

Bodybuilding on a low-carb diet is still possible as long as you do it correctly.  You need to make sure that you follow your guide to keto to the latter to achieve the best results. Forbes reports that following a strength training regime along with a keto diet can increase your lean muscle mass without gaining weight.

But, you should not expect this transformation to happen overnight. Konscious Keto says that your body will take some time to switch from using glucose to using fat as the primary source of energy. So, what muscle-building meals should you try while on Keto? Read on to find out the top five muscle-building meals while on keto.

Zucchini Noodle Nests with Baked Eggs

Zucchini noodles, commonly referred to as zoodles, are an excellent alternative for pasta if you are a keto follower looking to build muscles. For this simple recipe, you will need two eggs, zucchini noodles a ½- tablespoon grass-fed ghee and one avocado. You may also need some lemon juice, pepper, salt and chili flakes for garnishing your meal.

You will also need a cast-iron skillet where you will add your ghee to place it on medium heat. Preheat your oven to 3500F. Spiralize the zucchini while your pan is pre-heating then carefully put your zoodles into the pan with the grass-fed ghee and sauté the mixture for several minutes.

Divide the mixture into two but be sure to leave a hole in the center of each where you will put your cracked eggs. Crack your eggs and drop them in the middle of the zoodles nest. Put your pan back in the oven and cook for around three minutes before you serve.

French Roast Beef

With a massive 60 grams of lean protein, this ketogenic roast beef meal will suit you if you are looking to maximize your protein and healthy fat intake to build muscles. This is an incredible recipe to make on the weekend then savor for a few more days into the week.

The French roast beef will even leave you with more time to focus on your muscles in the gym while sticking to your guide to keto since you have already take care of your nutrients intake. Make sure that you use garlic powder and pepper as seasoning to get the best out of this meal.

Steak and Eggs

Eggs will always feature prominently in your guide to keto since they are an excellent source of proteins. A simple meal of steak and eggs can provide you with a boost of energy in the morning before you hit the gym to work on your muscles.

5 Muscle Building Meals While on Keto

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The meal offers you a double dose of proteins and healthy fats. It can also be an excellent source of energy after your workouts. The meal has approximately 500 calories, 44 grams of protein, 36 grams of healthy fat, and only 3 grams of carbs.

All you need to prepare your steak and eggs are three eggs, 4 oz-sirloin, one tablespoon of grass-fed butter, ½- avocado, pepper, and salt. You will start by melting your butter on a pan before adding eggs to it.

Once you add eggs, fry them thoroughly and season everything with pepper and salt. Cook the sirloin in a separate pan and then slice it into small strips that you will also season with pepper and salt. Slice up your piece of avocado and serve everything together. According to Bodybuilding.com, you can also substitute your steak cut with skirt or flank.

Bacon-Wrapped Lobster Chunks

Have you been working hard in the gym and you feel you need a special treat that is still in line with your guide to keto? Well, the keto bacon-wrapped lobster recipe is what you deserve. This is your go-to meal if you are craving something special after all the hard work.

To get that unique taste, make sure you dip your bacon-wrapped lobster chunks in homemade garlic aioli that will supplement this recipe so well. However, go easy on seasoning with garlic powder and red pepper flakes if you are too sensitive.

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