The first principle of natural nutrition is to abandon diets. Throw out books, newspapers, magazines, and thoughts from your head that falsely encourage you to lose 10 kg in 2 weeks.

To effectively lose weight and lose weight, adhere to a low-calorie diet two weeks is not enough. It is essential to change the whole food system and follow it all your life. Only then can you lose weight without harm.

Listen To Hunger

Do not ignore the hunger, because without food at the right time the body will think that difficult times have come, and will go into the accumulation of stocks.

As a result, your metabolism will slow down and it will be harder for you to lose weight. To avoid the feeling of hunger, you need to eat five times a day in small portions (about 200 g). It is also important to maintain a balanced diet. Remember, in the food should be protein, carbohydrates and fats. Otherwise, you will harm health. It is important to teach yourself to eat only to satisfy hunger.

Do Not Blame Yourself

The third rule of weight loss on intuitive nutrition is to challenge the control of food intake. Do not blame yourself for eating a piece of dark chocolate. Believe me, if you want to eat something, it is better to succumb to temptation. Perhaps in this way, the body signals to you that it is the substance that is contained in chocolate that it needs now.

Food Is Not the Enemy

Stop fighting with food and take it as the culprit of your extra pounds. Give yourself permission to eat well and eat properly. When you say that you have no right to eat a particular food, over time, the restriction will turn into uncontrollable cravings, followed by a breakdown. Allow yourself to forbidden products to avoid disruption but without fanaticism.


Feel the body signals that tell you about saturation. Remember that moment when you are comfortably fed, do not feel hunger or overeating. The principle of intuitive nutrition is to explore the taste of food, listen to the body, evaluate the feeling of saturation on a 10-point scale (10 – overeating, 1 – a strong feeling of hunger). For intuitive power, stop on the assessment of 5-6 balls.

Look For Pleasure Not Only In Food

Food is not the only joy in life. Do not gorge on pain in the stomach, nausea, and stop only when you feel sleepy. When you eat what you like in a pleasant setting, the feeling of pleasure increases many times over. Consciously enjoy every bite. If you do not enjoy the food at the expense of quality, the subconscious will do so at the cost of quantity.

Do Not Pick Up Emotions

To effectively lose weight on the intuitive diet, look for ways to divert, reassure, encourage yourself, not only with food. Do not pick up stress, joy, bitterness and sadness. To cheer up, better dance to rhythmic music. Even scientifically proven: 10 minutes of dancing change the chemical composition of blood for the better.

Love Your Body

Learn to love yourself and respect, no matter what number the scales show. Stop complexing overweight and make friends with yourself.  Effectively lose weight can only a positive attitude.

Find Your Sport

Intuitive nutrition is not only about food. It is also a sport! Do not jump to a cardiac arrest on aerobics, if you like swimming or yoga. Sports should be a pleasure; only in this case, they will benefit.

Finding the perfect sport is possible only through trial and error. Buy a subscription to a sports complex with many functions: a gym with a trainer, group classes, swimming pool, dancing. Try each view, and then decide what is right for you.

Choose Reasonable Nutrition

The last rule of intuitive nutrition – choose only those products that will benefit the body. No need to stick to a perfect diet to be healthy.

What matters is what you eat all the time. Try not to weigh on the scales, and measure the volume or focus on centimeters. Remember that muscle is heavier than fat but much smaller in size. No matter how slowly you move towards your goal, it is important not to stop!

Listen to your body, love yourself and be always healthy!


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