How Massage Affects These 7 Body Parts

How Massage Affects These 7 Body Parts

Massage has multiple benefits to the body apart from relaxation. When feeling tense and need a massage, the therapist will work on various parts of your body during the session. This will give you the much-needed relief. Sometimes you only need relief for a particular body part. It is important to understand the effect of massage on these 7 body parts for a better understanding of why you need a massage scheduled in your lifestyle. you can opt for the best massage chair that is good for all these body parts.


Apart from hearing, ears are reflex spots for massaging to get stress relief. According to the Chinese, pressing the tip of the ears inside the rim makes get headache relief, calmness, and less stress. Luckily, you can self-massage this point or the therapist can include it during a session. It requires pressing the Shen Men on one ear for some time while breathing deeply. Tilting the head sideways between pressings releases the neck for more relief.


Everyone spends too much time using their hands for various activities. The thumbs are vital parts of your hands for their versatility and usefulness. It is impossible to throw, grip. Punch, or dress up with injured thumbs. With 8 muscles in the thumb, the fingers have multiple nerve receptors connecting to the body. This explains the importance of your fingers and massaging them releases tension to other body parts. Getting a sore or stiff thumb massaged will give you relief to allow using your hands properly again.


Below the wrist is a the Pericardium 6 which is a vital acupressure point that should not be neglected. A massage in Bexley Ohio at this point will give you exceptional calmness. Before visiting a massage spa when anxious, wearing and snapping rubber bands will calm you down. Professional massage therapy including massaging the wrist is ideal. It requires the therapist pressing your wrist with a thumb for about 4 seconds and massaging in a circular motion. Consider clasping your hands then open and stretch the wrist to relax surrounding muscles.


According to science, you breathe about 23,040 times daily using the diaphragm as the essential breathing muscle. The diaphragm is also very important for spinal cord stability. You are more likely to experience pain and injury when your diaphragm isn’t in good shape. Fortunately, massage  can maintain this core strength. It is important to visit a massage spa with experienced and professional therapists who understand the appropriate technique to release tension in the diaphragm.


Digestion and gut health are scientifically linked. Massaging the stomach enhances digestion to increase gut mobility. Visceral osteopathy optimizes blood and lymphatic system supply for your internal organs to restore function.  Regular exercise, walking, and running promote food movement through the digestive tract. However, today’s fast-paced lifestyle doesn’t give appropriate time to move your body as you should. You likely spend much of your days sitting on your desk or couch.

A simple belly rub during a massage session  promotes good sleep and relieves hip flexor and abdominal tension. Alternatively, the massage therapist can apply gut massage by stroking your belly with hands and fingers along the large intestine path. The therapist will gently rub the belly using clockwise motions following the direction of moving food in the digestive tract. A 10-minute session with the therapist applying light pressure will calm you and make food move smoothly along its path.


Your legs have complex groups of muscles and nerves that need protection from pain and injury. A professional massage therapist understands leg anatomy to understand the most appropriate parts that need attention. Regular leg massage backed by stretches in your regular workout regimen will make your legs stronger and more flexible especially for athletes. This massage promotes recovery from wear and tear to help you get back on your feet much faster.


Finally, this is the last thing you are likely to think about when considering overall body health. However, the gluteus muscles in the buttocks are the largest and most used in the body. The therapist should use a variety of techniques including friction, deep strokes, and compression. You obviously need a but massage when you sit on the desk for long hours. The session will give you relief for tight muscles, acute pain, and soreness resulting from over sitting. Massaging you butt will relax the strong muscles and promote the return of blood flow to glutes deeper tissues.

Bottom line

Giving yourself the ultimate pamper treatment by visiting a Bexley massage spa is a great idea. regular sessions will always make you feel good and while making your body to stay emotionally and physically balanced. A professional massage therapist understands the appropriate technique to soothe various parts of the body to help you enjoy a happier life. Ensure to include regular visits to the massage center in your lifestyle for your overall health and wellbeing.


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