Where Can You Find Clenbuterol for Sale?

Where Can You Find Clenbuterol for Sale?

Medical discoveries are one of the life-saving advantages of technology. Breakthroughs in medication and treatment of several crippling diseases saved thousands of lives. Humans, after all, can do incredible things if equipped with the right weapon. But, it is also humans who take advantage of these life-changing advancements and turn it into something negative. Like the misuse and overuse of pharmaceutical drugs.

Like in everything, medicines are good if used in moderation. The balance between good and bad always lies in the hands of the user. Unfortunately, until now, drug abuse is still a problem especially for anabolic steroids (read more). Many people are still using it illegally for non-medical purposes.

Ever since the authorities placed anabolic steroids under Schedule III of the Controlled Substance Act, there is a rise in the market for the so-called “steroid replacement”. One such drug that stood from the rest is called the Clenbuterol.

Clenbuterol is currently labeled as an illicit drug inside the US. It is only approved to be administered on animals such as horses for health-related reasons. It is illegal because of its history of abuse by bodybuilders and athletes as they believed that the drug is similar to steroids.

However, Clenbuterol was primarily created to be of medical use. It is actually used as a decongestant and bronchodilator by other countries. It is prescribed to people suffering from asthma and other respiratory conditions. Here is a thorough look at the benefits of the popular drug.

What is Clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol is a steroid-like substance that acts as an agonist (a drug that causes an action). It is classified as a beta2-adrenergic agonist that is used medically to reverse the effects of bronchial constriction. Initially, it is only approved to be used in pregnant horses to aid their uterine contractions. It also helps in relaxing a horse’s respiratory airways.

However, Clenbuterol is an FDA-approved drug in some European and Latin American countries due to its medical benefits to humans. More information about the drug can be viewed here: https://anabolicsteroiddrugs.com/clenbuterol-for-sale/.

It is often used in the form of tablets. There are also liquid dosages and intramuscular injections. Its safe dosage usually ranges from .06 mg to 0.12 mg per day.

What does it do?

Where Can You Find Clenbuterol for Sale?

Clenbuterol’s mechanism of action to the human body is numerous. But, two distinct effects that piqued the interest of bodybuilders and athletes are its ability to reduce fat and increase muscle mass.

It acts as a bronchodilator to improve breathing and allow the normal entry of air to the lungs. It also increases sweating and blood pressure.

When administered to the body, it directly affects the hearts and the central nervous system. Its effects are like the chemical substances amphetamine and epinephrine. It increases energy, excitability, and nervousness.

1.   It stimulates muscle repair and growth

Clenbuterol and steroid both have the same anabolic effects on the human body. They both increase muscle growth and enhance muscle power. But, their difference lies in their specific bodily action.

Clenbuterol has a hypertrophic (increase in size) effect to the muscles rather than hyperplasia (increase in number). Its ability to enhance the muscle cells is due to its ability to induce protein synthesis as well as protein degradation. The balance between the two processes is believed to be the reason for increased muscle mass.

Also, some studies suggest that the drug contains inhibitors of proteolytic proteases (protein breakdown).

2.   It stimulates the decrease in fat tissues

Clenbuterol directly stimulates fat reduction or lipolysis in the adipose tissue. The decrease in subcutaneous fat is the direct effect of the increase in muscle growth.

Its repartitioning effect made it a famous drug to female athletes and celebrities. Unlike steroids, Clenbuterol does not stimulate any androgenic effects (hair growth, voice maturation) to the body.

What are its adverse effects?

The drug is considered illegal for a reason. Its misuse has led to several poisoning and the development of serious health conditions. Although it has its advantages in the medical field, it still poses a serious health risk for uncontrolled use.

Clenbuterol is classified as a stimulant. Its short-term effects depend on the user’s body mass. First-time users may experience vomiting, tremor, headaches, and panic attacks. Also, muscle cramps, dizziness, increased temperature, breathing difficulties, and other manic symptoms.

Long-term side effects may include:

  • Addiction – the drug has similar effects to that of dopamine. It is very addictive and has the potential to develop a drug dependence on the user.
  • Heart attack – prolonged use in high doses may induce a cardiac arrest. A person may also develop tachycardia and palpitations which can be fatal if not addressed.
  • Deformities – upon prolonged administration, mice subjects developed muscle and heart deformities. This effect is still not seen in humans.

What is its medical use?

Where Can You Find Clenbuterol for Sale?

1.   Bronchial asthma

In the 1980s, Clenbuterol is a famous drug for animal use. But because of intensive research, it has proven its efficacy to patients suffering from chronic bronchial asthma.

The drug is a long-acting bronchodilator that widens the respiratory airways to improve breathing. It reverses air obstruction and decreases the wheezing of patients. Oral administration of clenbuterol together with salbutamol increases the airflow rate of patients. It also relieves them of any asthmatic symptoms.

It also brings relief to patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

2.   Muscle-wasting of elderly patients

Another medical use of the drug which is still under study is its ability to treat muscle-wasting. Researchers believed that Clenbuterol can restore skeletal muscle loss in conditions with symptoms of muscle wasting. This is especially beneficial for seniors who want to restore or prevent muscle loss.

3.   Memory-enhancing effect

Although still in the works, the drug shows promising effects on the brain’s amygdala. When administered in rats, it was reported to increase and enhance their memory retention. This is due to its action on the amygdala—the memory storage.

The study involving Clenbuterol use is limited and is still in clinical trials. Its further medical benefits are yet to be discovered. But, its ability to burn fat and enhance muscle building and healing cannot be denied. Its use should always be regulated and controlled so as not to deal with future health repercussions. 

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