Boredom Busters – 5 Ways To Shake Up Your Fitness Routine And Boost Your Motivation

Boredom Busters – 5 Ways To Shake Up Your Fitness Routine And Boost Your Motivation

Did you used to love going to the gym, but now you look for excuses to avoid working out instead? Maybe your hours grew longer at work, or your family commitments increased, but the possibility could also be that you just got bored. If you are lacking the motivation to keep up a fitness routine, below are five ideas for how you can shake things up and get your fitness mojo back.

  1.   Join a Studio

You are most likely already a member of a gym, but perhaps it’s time to consider becoming a member of a personal training studio. The difference between the two is the level of attention that you receive from a personal trainer. Instead of working out on your own, you can hire a professional to design a personalized exercise plan and even advise you on nutrition. If you can’t afford private sessions, join a studio with group classes so that you can receive attention from a personal trainer while splitting the rates with other members.

  1.   Sign up for a Race

If you are a goal-oriented individual and you need to feel like you are working towards something instead of just spending an hour at the gym, sign up for a race that would challenge you. There are plenty of options—spartan races, mud runs, ultra-marathons, or even an Ironman. Consider what would push you to that next level of fitness and sign up for a race that requires it.

  1.   Jump on a Trampoline

One of the latest fitness crazes is “rebounding,” which is a type of workout performed on a trampoline. If you haven’t jumped on a trampoline since you were ten years old, this could be the ideal way to revamp your fitness routine. Trampoline classes aren’t just about jumping; they also involve toning and stretching. Also, every movement that is performed on a trampoline challenges your core while the forgiving nature of the surface protects important joints like hips, knees, and ankles.

  1.   Try a New Form of Yoga

If you enjoy yoga but have grown weary of your current practice, maybe it’s time to spice things up! Yoga is being practiced anywhere and everywhere these days. You can find classes that perform yoga on stand-up paddleboards in a body of water or up in the air, suspended by silks. Other people are incorporating farm animals into yoga, such as goats, while some locations even pair yoga with a nice glass of beer!  

  1.   Attempt Pole Dancing

One great way to shake off boredom is by engaging in a new activity that feels daring. Pole dancing is no longer relegated to late nights in strip clubs. Instead, it has become a fitness phenomenon. A study was performed to determine if pole dancing classes were actually a good form of exercise and it was shown that an advanced level class performed for 30 minutes, five days per week, was the equivalent of a moderate-intensity cardio workout.

If working out has begun to feel like a chore, it’s time to change up your routine. Take advantage of the creativity that is out there by pursuing new fitness crazes like pole dancing, jumping on a trampoline, or trying a new form of yoga. If you prefer more attention or direction in your fitness pursuits, join a personal training studio or sign up for a race. If there isn’t a fitness activity out there that excites you, maybe it’s time for you to create the next fitness phenomenon!



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